Avid interest

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Some (or maybe most) people don’t immediately know what they are interested in. They struggle to make decisions such as: (1) the major for their undergraduate or graduate studies, and (2) research topics – what their research should focus on. It takes them a while to understand themselves. Sometimes, they make the wrong decisions and they, of course, adjust as necessary.

People should pay attention to what perks their interest and what they could listen to or work on for hours and hours without getting bored or feeling tired. They have an avid interest in those things. Those are things or areas they should pursue avidly.

Recently, I stumbled upon such a topic: the use of social media for transparency (more information at: http://qualresearchdesignmoorefo1.blogspot.com/2017/02/work-today.html). I gravitated towards the topic and wanted to learn more. And, as I found and read articles, I became more interested and wanted to learn even more. I think the topic is a “good match” for me. My blogging my school provides transparency into my activities and work (for my online classes, I enter information on library searches, preparation of drafts, and so on in blogs). Just yesterday, I wondered what kids could teach us about transparency. I created a new Pinterest board/category ‘Kids Say Darnest Things’ to investigate. (My related Twitter post: https://twitter.com/moorefo1/status/856207397060259842)
An avid interest indeed!


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