Sayings and culture

via Daily Prompt: Zip

You have probably heard the saying or idiom “put a lid on it!” It is used to tell others to stop talking (see:!). Have you heard of “zip it” or “you better zip that”? Those are less popular ways to say the same thing. “Zip it” reminds me of a particular teacher in my country of birth –
Guyana, A CARICOM country (more information at: –  who frequently told her students to “zip” some bad behavior.

Sayings such as “zip it,” “beat around the bush”, or “skirt the issue” and are more popular in foreign countries than in the United States. I rarely hear those sayings in the U.S. I grew up in an environment where people regularly added zippers to skirts, pants, purses, bags, and so on.  I do not believe zippers are as common in the U.S. A common product that includes the word “zip” is the ziplock bag, but it is associated more with storage rather than closing or stopping.


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