Unexpected lifestyle changes

via Daily Prompt: Lifestyle


Lifestyle refers to the way a person, group of people, or culture lives (Source: https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/lifestyle). Everyone wants to achieve an excellent lifestyle. People leave countries in pursuit of a better way of life. My parents, for example, left Guyana, South America hoping to earn more, achieve more, and so on in the United States.

Over my 40 years, I have experienced a lot of “lifestyles”, some good, some not-so-good. The changes started very early in my life. At age 9, I secured a spot at a top, boarding school in my country of birth, Guyana, South America. Back then, the school selected students from the top performers at the Secondary School Entrance Exam (called “Common Entrance”). At the school, I experienced the lifestyle of what I describe as a special, young person being trained for something important. We had top teachers. We learned karate, horse-riding, and so on. After that school, I moved on to university/college. There, I lived the lifestyle of a busy college student without a lot of financial resources.

When I entered the workforce (in the U.S.), my lifestyle changed again. I was happy that I was earning income and could afford to buy myself nice things. I remember some short trips/vacations I had. I traveled to Canada because I got a good package deal online. I traveled to New York. I traveled to Chicago, and so on. Unfortunately, I did not always have an income, i.e. a continuous income stream. I lost jobs a few times. At one point, I hit the rock bottom – with lots of debt and no money. I rolled with the punches and managed to survive.

Most people think of a lifestyle change as a change for the better – a change to a better way of life or a change to achieve something in particular. But, it goes the other way too. For those who have achieved a certain lifestyle, the struggle is to maintain it. Things can change quickly and it may not be your fault. For example, what if a serious accident leaves you with a serious problem (an accident caused by another driver – that was not your fault!). Some of us do our best, trust in Almighty God and hope for the best.


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