Twitter Magnetism


When I think of magnet, I think of attraction, drawing close/near to something or someone, and unable to stay away. The latter is the most interesting. ‘Unable to stay away’ suggests an addiction, a problem.

People say things like “can’t stay away from the water” and “can’t stay away from Twitter.” Here are some examples of the use of “can’t stay away from Twitter” –
(1) Article: Holidaying politicians can’t stay away from Twitter, by Newton Emerson, available at:
(2) Article: Donald Trump’s Son Can’t Stay Away From Twitter Right Now And It’s Getting Messy As Hell, by Fortesa Latifi, available at:
(3) Article: Iggy Can’t Stay Away From Twitter, available at:
(4) Article: Despite resolve,SRK can’t stay away from Twitter, by Anita Aikara, available at:
The fourth article reported that “Shah Rukh Khan, who had tried really hard to stay away from Twitter, is back on the social networking site.” Twitter seems to have some pull that draws people to it. It affects people in different countries and different cultures.

Patrick Garratt wrote an interesting article on his Twitter addiction ( Apparently, Twitter can be as addictive as drugs. As someone who is online a lot, I can relate. I use Facebook and other social media accounts to keep my family updated (I live very far away and sometimes my phone does not work). I am not addicted to Twitter, Facebook, or any of my other online accounts though. I believe this is mainly because:
(1) I do not select the ‘keep me logged in’ option. I like to log in and check my accounts periodically (similar to email). I am more productive this way.
(2) My social media accounts are not my main news source(s). I don’t need to know what everyone is doing. CNN or other headline news can provide the information I need.


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