Research Assignments

Fahmeena Odetta conducts lots of research, some for business/school purposes and some for personal reasons.

Social media is one of her areas….
Information on Fahmeena Odetta’s latest social media project is available at:
One of her favorites is: ‘O Beautiful Linden’ ( For OBeautifulLinden, Fahmeena Odetta set up social media accounts to allow for comments and approvals of draft posts by individuals (in Instagram). There is a separate account that includes/highlights summaries & special posts (GooglePlus). Posts in Twitter stand alone, some are shortened versions of posts in Facebook (posts that work with Twitter’s character limitations – using the “responsive design” idea that pages should be designed to meet the different display requirements of devices).

Additional information on Fahmeena Odetta’s research is available at: her Research Summary page.


Signature work by PhD Student Fahmeena Odetta Moore

Some courses at Northcentral University (NCU) require completion of a substantial signature assignment/paper at the end. Fahmeena Odetta spent a lot of time on the signature assignments prepared thus far to make them “special.” Each is a major paper.

View the signature assignments completed by Fahmeena Odetta Moore at NCU here:

List of Signature Assignments (Tumblr)